1 of 5 Texas Democrats who tested positive for COVID shares their plan from D.C.

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AUSTIN, Texas (KTRK) -- Texas Democrats said they volition proceed to enactment successful Washington D.C. aft galore fled determination successful effort to interruption quorum alternatively than participating successful a peculiar legislative session.

But now, those lawmakers are faced with a large pandemic-related obstacle.

Officials confirmed that 5 Democrats who traveled by level from Austin to D.C. tested affirmative for COVID-19 conscionable days aft the trip.

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ABC13 spoke with 1 of the 5 who said she started experiencing symptoms of the unwellness connected Friday night.

"I honestly thought I conscionable had a cold," Texas Representative Celia Israel said. "Cause, I'm afloat vaccinated. I had the Pfizer vaccine earlier this year. So, I had aches, nonaccomplishment of appetite and a flimsy fever."

Israel said connected Saturday greeting earlier the radical started their meetings, she took a accelerated trial which instantly came backmost positive.

Receiving the quality she tested affirmative wasn't the lone adversity she said she faced successful respect to the travel to D.C.

Before leaving for Austin, Israel said herself and her colleagues were each sacrificing thing from their idiosyncratic beingness to instrumentality the trip.

Israel and her spouse were acceptable to necktie the knot successful the Texas State Capitol past week until Democrats made the determination to permission the state.

"She [her partner] was connected her mode retired the doorway to get measured, and the hardest words I ever had to conscionable unit retired of my rima were 'The quorum is happening, I deliberation we're leaving tomorrow,'" Israel said.

Israel said herself and her spouse agreed to postpone the wedding for the clip being.

"This is however powerfully we consciousness astir this issue, successful particular, and our relation successful history," she said. "This isn't conscionable astir Texas anymore. This is astir the United States."

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